Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Woe is me

Bad ice. A strike in the Vancouver airport. Nineteen people injured at the free concert (Live Nation). Biathlon Union complaints. Ceremony glitch. Near-Miss. Protestors. And worst of all, a death. Mother nature has certainly not helped Vancouver's luck these past few days in what has been dubbed (by the British media) the Worst Winter Olympic Games, or Glitch Games by some. And it's not even over yet!

So far I've read a lot of Vancouver news sources, many saying that the international press is overblowing the situation, but I think VANOC needs to own up a bit. After all when someone dies even before the games begin, you can't sweep that under the rug like many issues in Vancouver.

To add a bit of humour to the situation, it's pretty fitting that the torch design has been nicknamed the "The Olympic Toke". Most locals are pretty mellow about the stigma, after all, Vancouver is one of the major production areas for illegal marijuana.

I'm not particularly surprised about the weather, many people were worried about the lack of snow for the past few years and it's a common concern in most host countries. Indoor bad ice is another story.

Canada can't make good ice? Say what?! WTF?!

I sort of feel like things are upside down. Montreal should've gotten the winter Olympics and Vancouver the summer Olympics. Am I wrong? Vancouver usually gets particularly temperate weather in the summer months and Montreal/Quebec City (the most beautiful Canadian city) would rarely lack snow.

Well Vancouver might as well enjoy the party while it lasts, after the buzz wears off all they will be left with is a nice large bill. Ka-ching! London, you're headache is still to come. I'm sure Vancouver can't wait to pass the torch over.

The Globe and Mail - Brunt: VANOC, the truth hurts