Monday, February 22, 2010

Red and white

What a day...

OOOOhhh.. The Americans thumped our asses in hockey tonight. Granville street must now be up to its ears in depressed drunks tonight. Nothing is sadder than seeing hockey fans cry, even worse when they vomit along the sidewalk area adding a decided stench. I didn't watch the game (yes, I know that's very un-Canadian of me), I'm one of the few who prefers to watch the more obscure sports that involve superhuman guts, endurance, and a bit of artistic flair.

I'm really liking the Olympic outfits lately, makes me want to shop online for a new set of snow pants and mittens. It's incredible how much a country spends on uniforms, not to mention figure skating costumes that look like a cross between a trashy 70's disco outfit and a show girls jumpsuit.

Canada (Virtue, and Moir) has done very well in the ice dance short program and sadly Joannie Rochette has lost her mother recently (She's still determined to compete, I wish her & family the best). Bode finally won his much deserved and earned gold medal in combined, and a phenomenal Slovenian, Petra Majdic won bronze (a few days ago) despite a horrible fall where she fell into a gully. Vancouver shouldn't crow too loudly (since they are still simmering over the International media criticism) just yet since the Slovenian Olympic Committee is considering legal action against the winter Olympics for poor safety precautions that ended with Majdic taken to the hospital with four broken ribs and a collapsed lung. It's been up and down, but that's life. The question is whether everyone can cope with disappointment and get back onto the horse and try again.