Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brit tv

Another ITV series?? What is "The Brides in the Bath"??? I've never heard of it... so I looked it up.

An ITV series in 2003 based on the trial of a British serial killer and bigamist George Joseph Smith.

Try it here.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

knock out

Only a week to go before the knockout stages of the World Cup. What a relief. Canadian cities are a strange sea of multi colours, especially Toronto. Vancouver is officially claimed as the most multicultural (so they say) but my friend laughs at this. Since she's black she's quite aware of the minority of darker skin in the west coast.

As you walk the streets, flags ... sometimes multiple flags are proudly flapping in the wind as cars whiz by. The emotional charge that rings through the air during the world's most popular game is addictive! The ridiculous feinting, arguments, accusations, and glorious joy of success after a hard one goal has such a satisfying aftertaste.

Latest drama? France's strange tantrum on and off the field
Interesting match up? Portugal vs. Brazil (less so sans Kaka)
Great let down? England's lacklustre start and inability to find the back of the net
Off the pitch superstar? Footballers wives, mistresses, and girlfriends
Biggest pain in the ass? That incessant buzzing sound (like the swarm of bees from hell) of the Vuvuzela horns.

Now that's something that needs to be gagged (other than some players).

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Upgrade trade

Authors are about to become the next creators to be stripped of any financial reward for their hard work. With the popularity of the ipad and many other cheaper e-book readers, the publishing world will see a gradual decline in sales. As a big gadget geek this is one item I'm trying to avoid like the plague. My eyes you see... are becoming weaker and weaker. What did a co-worker say? "Oh, just get them lasered". Are you kidding me?

Although I've managed to get a lot of kids hooked to reading, I'm relieved to learn that many of them prefer the plush paper copies of literature. I've read a number of pros and con sites and I'm still skeptical.

The argument:

"They're much more environmentally friendly. You don't have to kill a few trees for each book, and let's not even talk about the ink. Recycling only goes so far."

Really? I doubt that. Most Apple products are designed to break down after three years so that consumers will upgrade. Batteries are not exactly all that resourceful and well... hasn't anyone ever heard of the LIBRARY??

It's called a library card. Go online, put book on hold, pick up. Read... and return!

Poirot and Ariadne

I've been waiting for this for quite some time... "MyMadnessMystery" has been nice enough to upload a great deal of these episodes for us Canucks and all fans who have no other options!

Warning from the creator if you do want to subscribe...

Avoid adding Poirot episodes to your playlist!! Must be the reason why Three Act Tragedy always disappears.

POIROT: Halloween Party Part 1 here

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Face lift

The Borgias are coming... but not for a while yet. 2011?? Ouch. Canuck thespian Colm Feore joins the cast as Cardinal Giuliano Della Rovere. Certainly an era of incest and nepotism for power.. then again... are we all that different? Dynasties exist in all professions.

Trailer and preview here.

As for Game of Thrones big changes have been made. (announced on Winter is

Emilia Clarke takes over one of the main roles as Daenerys, replacing Tamzin Merchant (Tudors, Queen Katherine).

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


For non-American viewers.. here's the latest online copy of Masterpiece Mystery! The Mirror Crack'd from side to side.

It's not the best, many prefer the Joan Hickson version ... see for yourself!

Watch here.

This Sunday will air Marple: Secret Chimneys.

July 11 (Sunday) Poirot: Murder on the Orient Express. Still hunting for Hallowe'en Party however... will post when I find it!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mindbenders 2

William Gibson's Neuromancer has a confirmed director to adapt his legendary novel to the big screen. Vincenzo Natali who broke through with his fantastic psychological thriller CUBE is set to recreate his cyberpunk adventure.

An original surreal experience certainly worth a try...

Trailer here.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Deep roots

BBC's "Who do you think you are?" is a documentary series that follows a variety of thespians, chefs, and celebrities quests to trace their ancestors in their family tree. A number of familiar faces can be seen such as David Suchet, Kim Cattrall, Stephen Fry, Jeremy Irons, and Nigella Lawson. (names linked to view online) A fascinating journey and well of information about anthropology and inherited traits of the human race.

Another great series is the 49 Up (originally 7 up) documentary.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Napoleon of the criminal world

Famously nicknamed "The Napoleon of the criminal world" by Scotland Yard's Robert Anderson, Adam Worth is widely rumoured to be the blueprint of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's criminal mastermind Professor Moriarty.

Born to a poor Jewish family in the present day Germany, his parents moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts where his father became a tailor. Enticed by greater prospects, he ran away at an early age, first to Boston and then eventually to New York City. At the outbreak of the American Civil War he enlisted, lying about his age (17) to join the Union army. Similar to many other successful criminals, he demonstrated a level of competence during battle and was promoted a number of times. This would prove to be a turning point in his life.

A wound during the second Battle of Bull Run redirected him to Georgetown Hospital Washington D.C. where he would soon discover that a paperwork mix-up listed him as "killed in action". Shedding his old life, he would use this opportunity to recreate his identity.

The chameleon

Slipping through the cracks, Worth assumed a number of names, collecting cheques by enlisting in various regiments and then deserting. When the Pinkerton Detective Agency began to sniff around he soon fled, returning to safety in New York City. Pickpocketing, small heists, robberies and even tunnelling a break-in to a jail to help a safecracker Charley Bullard escape, would catapult Worth into the big leagues. In November 20, 1869, Worth robbed the vault of the Boylston National Bank in Boston with his newly freed accomplice Bullard.


With Pinkerton alerted by the bank, Worth and Bullard decided to relocate to Liverpool under the alias "Henry Judson Raymond", a financier and "Charles H. Wells", a Texas oilman respectively. Joined by a barmaid Kitty Flynn (who would later marry Bullard) they would continue their criminal activities with small robberies until their move to Paris in 1871. Opening an "American Bar", it would front as a legitimate business masking their gambling den on the upper floor. The American Detective Agency still hot on their trail would eventually find them, but fortunately Worth recognized Allan Pinkerton and they eventually abandoned their restaurant.

In London, Worth and his associates (some from his New York days) purchased West Lodge, blending into the circles of high society. It would be here that his schemes developed into mastery. Forming a criminal web of large scale organized heists through intermediaries, he cleverly managed to keep his identity unknown while devising each intricate theft. To the frustration of the Scotland Yard no one could prove anything substantial for quite a few years.

Nothing lasts forever...

Things began to unravel when Worth's brother John was caught cashing a forged cheque in Paris, and four of his associates were arrested in Constantinople. Spending great sums of money to free his brother and accomplices, exposure was only a matter of time. However it would be Bullard's unstable behaviour from his alcoholism that would signal the crumbling relationship of the group, his eventual departure for New York was quickly followed by his wife Kitty.

One his most famous robberies was the Thomas Gainsborough painting of Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire from the London gallery. An acquisition that he never attempted to sell, and that he would keep with him for many years afterwards.

Unlike Professor Moriarty however, Worth was essentially human in nature. Perhaps this was his Achillies heel. Not only did he marry (her identity has never been known) but he would have children under the alias name Henry Raymond. Disgruntled associates (Junka Phillips and Little Joe), a weakness for new challenges (theft of $500,000 uncut diamonds), and loyalty to old friends would eventually give him away to the authorities.


In 1892 Worth visited Belgium where Bullard was said to be imprisoned with Worth's great rival Max Shinburn. On October 5 Worth improvised a robbery with two untried associates which would go awry. Captured red handed, the other two escaped leaving Worth at the mercy of the Belgian police. Despite his denial of all charges, the New York Police department and Scotland Yard identified him leading to his sentence of seven years with the added statements from his nemesis, Max Shinburn.

In 1897 Worth was released for good behaviour and he would return to London, stealing £4,000 from a diamond shop (a leopard doesn't change his spots!) and return to his wife. During his incarceration Worth discovered that his previous associate Johnny Curtin had seduced and abandoned his wife, pushing her into mental hysteria and committal into an asylum, she barely recognized him. Returning to New York where his children were under the care of his brother, he would detail his exploits to William Pinkerton, the Detective Agency that sought his capture for so many years. He finally arranged the return of the painting of the Duchess of Devonshire to Agnew & Sons for the price of $25,000. He spent his remaining years in London with this children, and strangely enough his son would become a Pinkerton detective.

He was buried in Highgate Cemetery after his death on January 8, 1902 under the pauper's grave as "Henry J. Raymond".

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


World cup is coming...

On to another subject. Although Showtime is launching their very own version of the Borgias, there was also a Spanish drama "Los Borgia" done a few years ago (2006). I've only seen a trailer where sex, scandal, incest, greed, corruption and many exploits synonymous with the legendary family take centre stage.

There are a few dvd versions, the extended edition offers a double dvd set spanning two, one hour and a half parts.

Watch here.