Tuesday, June 22, 2010

knock out

Only a week to go before the knockout stages of the World Cup. What a relief. Canadian cities are a strange sea of multi colours, especially Toronto. Vancouver is officially claimed as the most multicultural (so they say) but my friend laughs at this. Since she's black she's quite aware of the minority of darker skin in the west coast.

As you walk the streets, flags ... sometimes multiple flags are proudly flapping in the wind as cars whiz by. The emotional charge that rings through the air during the world's most popular game is addictive! The ridiculous feinting, arguments, accusations, and glorious joy of success after a hard one goal has such a satisfying aftertaste.

Latest drama? France's strange tantrum on and off the field
Interesting match up? Portugal vs. Brazil (less so sans Kaka)
Great let down? England's lacklustre start and inability to find the back of the net
Off the pitch superstar? Footballers wives, mistresses, and girlfriends
Biggest pain in the ass? That incessant buzzing sound (like the swarm of bees from hell) of the Vuvuzela horns.

Now that's something that needs to be gagged (other than some players).