Saturday, February 13, 2010

Opening with a bang pt. 2

What it should've looked like..(more on Huffington Post)

How hard is it to test the most important part of the Opening ceremonies? A malfunction? You must be kidding me. I was horrified to watch Catrina Le May-Doan the two time Olympic gold medalist stand there in limbo. It doesn't bode well that at the MOST important point of the event... we ... choked. I hope it's not a sign of what's to come. (left, Norway's team...)

Overall it went over without a hitch. The best sequence being the snowboarding aerialist zip through the Olympic hoop and the worst being the poem "We Are More" (transcript here) and bad lip-syncing. I was very disappointed with their choice of musicians... Feist, Arcade Fire, and even Celine Dion could've brought the crowd to a roar. Well no point dwelling on what's done. Day 2 has begun and my fingers are crossed for Jennifer Heil in Moguls!

Gotta say I feel sorry for the athletes who were all in winter gear when the event was indoors, a balmy warm temperature!

(Powerhouse Norway below)