Saturday, February 6, 2010

Poirot returns

Well as stated on ITV's site the latest installment of Poirot has aired, question is.. where is it airing?? Hallowe'en Party isn't even available to the British public online anymore... sigh.. if anyone finds a source... I'll get back to this when I find a one.

I previously linked Murder in Three acts, but if you didn't see it within a few days it was removed shortly after. Pity...

Fortunately The Clocks is still on youtube broken into 9 parts. Link to part one here.
For now.. if you love the Ariadne character as I do, here is a link to Cards on the Table
To tide people over... Taken at the Flood here.

As for Marple, she will be returning with Joan Collins in another adaptation of They do it with Mirrors... here's a sneak peak (unfortunately the video has now been taken down... got to be quick to see the links!)

I'm surprised they never asked Rupert Everett to return to his role as Sherlock Holmes.
The production value of the 2004 version of Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking was very well done. Plus his accent is actually genuine.