Monday, February 1, 2010

Olympics are nigh

The winter Olympics offers some pretty crazy stuff. I love watching the drama unfold as gold metal hopefuls crash and burn and dark horses rise to the challenge during the biggest sporting event of their career. Unlike soccer (or football to be proper) which is the only sport that's on
LEVEL playing ground for every country, the Olympics are really about a country's dedication to spend millions of dollars on their athletes to bring home medals.

That's why I always cheer when I see a middle school teacher in a small town who practices diligently on his/her own (luge, biathalon, curling..) and manages to upset everyone by WINNING!!! Surprisingly many of the best contenders this year are from countries that never dominated the sport before... or moreover... not even of Caucasian heritage! Excellent! We could all use a bit of colour in the blanket of snow.

Vancouver is gearing up to advertise themselves as the best place on earth, hide all their crack dealers, pimps, prostitutes and homeless while they host the most expensive party to ever hit them. I was extremely disappointed when I heard that the Olympic committee irked Cirque du Soleil who was set to be part of the opening ceremonies. It was later reported that they were too busy to be part of it, but I find that excuse rather feeble. Unlike China who hired their own, (the acclaimed theatre/film director Zhang Yimou to design the opening/closing event) only Canada would hire an Australian and his company to organize the event, abet, with a token Canadian by his side. Can you imagine Britain doing the same, the country of countless thespians? Brazil, with their Carnival experience? I think not.

Enjoy it while it lasts... unless of course Canada doesn't even medal in Hockey, then there certainly will be colour... RED.