Saturday, February 20, 2010

A peek at Foyle's world

The public's outcry for the continuation of this excellent series has finally been answered. Catching up on Foyle's war is not always easy, your best bet is the library if you're strapped for cash (if they don't have it... make a request). Returning sometime this year, here is a summary I have found regarding Series 7 from Anthony Howell's website (Sgt. Paul Milner).

"It is June 1945 and while VE Day has been celebrated in Britain, the war continues elsewhere in the world. The immediate aftermath of war was not a time of jubilation and optimism, as had been expected. The country was exhausted and poverty-stricken, families torn apart and rations tighter than ever before. Like everyone else, Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle needs to feel his way in this new world as he faces some of his toughest challenges and gripping plots to date. Keen to retire, but bound to his old job by the steep rise in violent crime that swept the country, Foyle is thrust into the dangerous worlds of international conspiracy and execution, military racism and national betrayal."

The Russian House
CS Foyle stumbles upon an international cover up, which, if exposed could bring down the British government, and reveal the War Office’s darkest secret yet.

Killing Time
Foyle goes head to head against the might of the US army, as racial prejudices erupt when a local girl is found murdered, and the finger of suspicion points to a black GI at the US military base.

The Hide
The newly retired Foyle battles to save a young man accused of high treason from the executioner's noose, in a case that will shatter his personal world to the core...

I'm not sure how long these links will last. Here are sources I've found so far in blue. I'll update the links as time passes. Hopefully more will crop up...who knows?

Season 1
Eagle Day
A Lesson in Murder
The White Feather
The German Woman

Season 2
The Funk Hole
Among the Few
Fifty Ships

Season 3
A War of Nerves
Enemy Fire
The French Drop

Season 4
Bad Blood

Season 5
Casualties of War

Season 6
All Clear
Broken Souls
Plan of Attack