Monday, April 19, 2010

Travel size for the lazy

You pick up strange stuff travelling. A friend clued me in on the trick of carrying a clothes line & clips for unexpected rainy days and weird secret pockets to deter thieves. Items like a light weight blanket that doubles as a towel and quality quick dry socks are a must have. Ziplock bags for creams, soaps, liquids and breathable bags for dirty laundry are cheap and useful things that can save you from accidents that will leave you muttering profanity all day. I may not be completely sold on the ipad, but I certainly understand the importance of having a light portable source of endless entertainment while waiting in an airport (imagine Europe right now...)

My iphone/ipod is packed.. and I do mean packed with e-books, tv shows/films and games to keep my brain buzzing when I'm bored stiff watching angry travellers fidgeting on their seats trying to sleep. The most vital things to remember? Light weight, quick dry, small, durable and never too expensive that you'll cry if you lose it. Happy travels!