Sunday, April 18, 2010

Clues and Mischief

Detectives are all the rage right now.

2 Months to go. Evidently ITV won't be releasing most of the Marple and Poirot episodes until June. Murder on the Orient Express, Hallowe'en Party, Pale Horse (old ITV version here), Secret Chimneys, and Blue Geranium are not airing until June... Mirror Cracked' slated for May 25th. A pity ITV hasn't considered doing a young Tommy and Tuppence pair... they're quite fun.

However, Foyle's war has been airing in Britain on April 11, 18, and 25. Beginning with The Russian House, Killing Time, and The Hide. Anybody know of any links? Haven't found one yet. Boo hoo. Canucks will have to wait.

The success of Sherlock Holmes has green lit a sequel to shoot this June. One hopes that the infamous Professor Moriarty will be making his debut.

Random links
The Sittaford Mystery (2006) part 1 here
Starring Timothy Dalton and young Carey Mulligan (An Education) before hitting the big leagues.
Pocket Full of Rye part 1 here

America's best sleuths? Right now I've caught onto the Mentalist, since I'm a fan of nongunslinging sleuths who rely more on brains than brawn. Nostalgic? There's the Rockford Files, Remington Steele, Murder She wrote. As for film there's always the Maltese Falcon and Chinatown.