Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Green Isle

They swap links here there and everywhere. Foyle's War returns for a seventh season in their much anticipated return this April... at 8pm will air Broken Souls.

A regurgitation of links before...
Here's an update on Poirot: The Clocks here (part 1)
Marple: They do it with Mirrors here (part 1)

HBO adaptation of George R. R. Martin's first novel Game of Thrones seems to be flowing smoothly. Reported on the fan blog site winter is coming are a bundle of pics, and rather odd Lord of the Rings obsessive info about the world. A linguist to create the Dothraki language, photos of actors practicing, and Jennifer Ehle replaced by Michelle Fairley for Catelyn Stark. I'm making a not too wild guess that they will launch the trailer at Comic Con in San Diego?? That would be the logical debut. A good laugh is link of Neil Gaiman's retort to an excitable fan that "George R. R. Martin is not your bitch".

I highly doubt the fan means anything in a bad way, it's simply because the last book was... four years ago was it? It's a coin toss, no fan wants bad work or anything but I imagine that many fans worry he'll never complete the series. Strangely enough I've forgotten about 60% of the story details and will not re-read the books. Who has the time? Which is why I relish having an HBO version... so much quicker...

Skellig?? What the heck is this?? Well it has a stellar cast with Tim Roth and Kelly Macdonald to start with. What is it about? I just stumbled upon it. Here's a link... part 1