Thursday, April 15, 2010

i world

Claws have come out with Apple's recent expansion and media push for the new iPad. On a quieter note, Gawker has reported of Apple's "new rule for all new apps: they must be originally written using one of four programming languages blessed by Apple (Objective C, C, C++ and JavaScript)."

I'm far from a techie however this sounds tantamount to being a calculated chess move to crucify the competition (hello Adobe!) Gawker's article here "The Dark Side of Steve Jobs". As I've been travelling lately I've been struck by the sheer media machine that is Apple. Expect to see uber cool ads with celebrities and rockin' pop music. I tested it a bit, but frankly I think it weighs too much, and honestly has to be a target for theft. Most of the population is more likely to watch videos, create and edit youtube pieces and surf the net tending to their Twitter/Facebook accounts.

I'll give a few years before it become paperlite and cheaper? I wish, not for Canucks. Your wallet will drain faster than the battery.