Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Exhibition draw

Toronto must have honey overflowing from its ears because it has the talent of drawing some of the more interesting international exhibits. The Tim Burton exhibit currently at the MoMA will shuttle back to North America from November 22nd,2010 to April 27th 2011 after visiting the down under.

A few years back, during the huge hype of the Lord of the Rings trilogy an art/production display was exhibited in Toronto. Much to the grumbling of my friends from afar, the city even received an encore visit a year later. The initial exhibit took place in a very fitting castle Casa Loma, where some of the crew even recreated parts of the sets, showcased drawings, props and costumes. The second more elaborate exhibit was recreated at the ROM museum/Planetarium with great success.

This June the Royal Ontario Museum will be taking the reins as the place to see (after the Art Gallery of Ontario wraps up the Tut exhibit), and bring a bit of Asia to the masses. Fourteen of the life-size terra cotta soldiers from Xi'an will draw thousands of visitors in one of the most fascinating tombs of China's first emperor, Quin Shihuangdi.

A bit of history, a bit glamour, a bit of weird.