Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Seeing red

What constitutes having a good time varies greatly from person to person. I see red when I'm repetitively dictated by others to do things at their pace, standard, and forced to follow their opinions. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm usually the odd ball. When you're known as the genial, happy go lucky person... life is hard. I often swallow jibe after jibe and very rarely do I dish it back. Why? Not because I can't think of a retort, simply to keep the peace. Most often those who bully people live in rather fragile glass houses. It's best to pocket your stone and keep it for a more interesting target.

I tend to send not so subtle hints the person has crossed the line and generally try my best to steer the conversation to safer waters. If that doesn't work the conversation will gradually run silent into an uncomfortable feeling of tension and sometimes that's not a bad thing. To those who believe that quiet, nice, easy going individuals are push overs... you are sadly mistaken. Their tongues will be sharper than a guillotine when pushed too far and woe betide you if you can't take a punch back.