Thursday, October 22, 2009

Turkish Delight

Ever been given a "Tashir" ... a Turkish shave? Done the traditional way with an open blade it is considered to be the male equivalent of a fantastic facial.
It starts with soft brush lathering a thin layer of shaving soap on the face. The blade expertly glides across the skin, leaving a surprisingly impressive shave without a hint of razor burn. After removing the remaining soap with a warm towel, the traditional technique of 'singeing' begins! A small long match-like stick burns away the fine hairs around the ears and cheekbones with a controlled flame. Moisturizer is generously slathered onto your face followed by a hot towel to calm and relax.
The final touch comes with the shave serum (or aftershave) along with a much needed face, neck, and shoulder massage.
If they are really traditional, the whole process will be followed by a smoke and a Turkish coffee. A spectacular present to yourself or your loved one!