Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Behind the mask

There have been many imposters who have disguised themselves to gain wealth, fame and in many cases to simply escape the monotony of their daily lives.

Anne Bonny, the female pirate. To escape a life with her husband James Bonny, Anne started afresh by pretending to be a man among a ship of pirates. The only give away was her "ample" breast size reported by other women.

Deborah Sampson the soldier. Bored and likely hampered by the restraints of being women in her time, Deborah enlisted in the army at Worcester in 1782. Fighting alongside her male compatriots she would serve 18 months and continue to dress as a man for another year after her discharge. Although she would later marry and have children, she was granted a government pension.

Fred G. Thompson the stage performer. Born in 1888, Fred always desired the beautiful attire of women. Unfortunately when not careful, his five o'clock shadow tipped off investigators during the Tesmer murder case. Suspected as the women killer, Thompson was arrested in 1923 one summer night in his nightdress and kimono. Later released, he would continue his sexually unorthodox lifestyle, as a bigamist. Creating a ménage à trois he lived with his wife and his husband Frank Carrick. Wowza!