Friday, October 16, 2009

into the wild

Where the wild things are

As an adult reminiscing about my childhood I have mixed feelings. Loneliness, impotent rage and blind jealousy are all subjects addressed heavy in this fascinating adaptation of Maurice Sendak's book. I went to see the first showing with two indie film geeks who absolutely loved it.
A tale of childhood disappointment and inner turmoil, it had many moments that made vivid memories feel like yesterday. Although it was filled with exceptional life like puppets, gorgeous scenery, sets and superb performances, it was missing something. It's more of a film about childhood rather than... a kid film. It runs (even with the trailers) less than two hours and there were a few brief flickers of time when I wondered if I was watching a clever music video or a child's temper-tantrum spread rather thin.
Will I forget this film? No. Was it a good experience? Yes. Would I take a child to see it? It depends on the kid.
I'm curious to know if a younger audience will experience the elated excitement that I felt as a child at the movies.