Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The hellish trials of moving

Boxing your life away, 10 things to not forget when packing.

1. Don't forget to label your name/address on every box
2. Use a clear glad garbage bag on the inside as a lining, in case of water damage.
3. Don't over pack your boxes, fill half with books and pick something light or stuff paper so nobody throws out their back.
4. Contact many, many moving companies for good quotes. See if they are in good standing with the BBB.
5. Write a list for yourself (not on the box please just label them 'A, B,C...' of what's in EVERY box, so that when you need something quick you can find it quickly.
6. Use Fragile stickers, saves you time and dollars.
7. Book the elevator or tell your neighbors that you're moving. No need to piss anyone off.
8. Make sure your company is clear on how they'll charge you. Weight? Space? Hidden fees?
9. Make sure they have liability insurance.
10. Anything very important, passports, jewelery etc... You should have with you.