Thursday, October 22, 2009

The hollowed maze

They don't just make crop circles, now it's all about having your very own labyrinth. Popping up all over Britain as a cost saving and publicity opportunity, these dazzling designs showcase an incredible pool of imagination. Giant roosters, ancient American Indian designs, spacemen and more. They even have an official organization - The Maize Maze Association to help you find one.

I have been in one myself, in a small town east of Halifax for Halloween. It was a bit of a disappointment unfortunately. The crush of people, loud giggling gossiping teenagers, and brightly lit flashlights ruins any possible fear one could have. I don't blame them however, staring out momentarily into the occasional dark corners of the maze played merry hell with my imagination. If ever someone were to suffer an accident or heart attack we all know who would be liable. I guess I'll just have to get my set of thrills like everyone else, in the movie theatre.

Know any cool destinations with rather devilish stains from the past?

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