Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paranormal acts

Everyone loves to be scared once in a while. With Halloween on the way, it's always fun to see if there are any interesting places in your area to visit. If you have any Irish and Gaelic roots, this particular day has its origins from the ancient festival known as "Samhain", roughly meaning "summer's end". Seen by some as a festival of the dead, ancient Gaels believed that the border between the "otherworld" and our world became thinner during this day. The tradition of wearing costumes and masks was to ward off harmful spirits by appearing as one of them.

Ten things to do on Halloween depending on your age

1. Create a haunted house
2. Go to a haunted house
3. Visit a cemetery
4. Hold a seance to talk to your great-great grandparent for money tips.
5. Make a slasher flick with friends and post it on youtube
6. Take your kids out for Halloween
7. Go to a fantastic costume party
8. Watch the Shining (hopefully with a friend/partner)
9. Go to a corn maze
10. Give out candy to sugared up monsters on Halloween

Ouija Origins
Ouija is actually the mix of the French word "oui' and German word "ja", both meaning "yes". Although a lot of people believe the Ouija board comes from ancient China or Europe it was invented by Elijah Bond in 1880 and patented in 1881. There is however, evidence of an object resembling a Ouija board found in China dating back to 1100 B.C. along with sources that claim the Greeks also dabbled in occult practices. The popular heart shaped "planchette" was created by a French spiritualist as a more preferable fortune telling method (resembling the three legged table that was popular in seances).

I've only tried it a few times, and it was when I was a young child. With crowd of relatives looking for a bit of fun, we snuck over to another room to give it a whirl. A bit bored, I secretly pushed the "funny heart shaped thing" to and fro the entire time. It's been years since I played the game but I do remember that with the right crowd and questions, it's funny as hell.