Sunday, January 3, 2010

The business of happiness

I never appreciated emails that forward weird "positive" thinking messages, and even less the ones that you need to resend to other unwitting potential marks. Today I received the exact opposite. My friend forwarded a depressing article of how positive thinking is a scam and that smarter people are the grouchy, cynical, pissed off population who wake up every morning with nothing but a foul aftertaste.

It was an interesting article (links below) and it could very likely ring true. I couldn't help but smile at the arrogance of the friend who sent it to me, a non subtle way of proving that their years of self-analysis, self loathing, cynicism, selfish, egotistical behaviour was a sign of their intelligence and superiority. Love it.

Frankly I'm too lazy to think this way or that. If people want to buy self help books, read positive thinking books, and go to seminars... go ahead. Am I stupid or smart? That's all relative. If others want to wallow in their self hatred, disgust for the human race, drink themselves to a stupor, and write a novel about their angst ridden lives... again... go ahead. That's what makes life interesting. Variety.

I recently saw the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. I loved it for the bright colourful sets, gritty concept, mix of characters, and strangeness, but that's just my opinion. A refreshing story about what the heart wants and what we deserve. I won't pretend to be happy, let's just say I'm content... enough. I had a hell of year in 2009 so maybe I'm a fool to look ahead with a bit of optimism, but I wouldn't have it any other way.