Saturday, January 16, 2010

On the back burner

There's nothing more irritating than a pompous government.

Right now our version of George W. Bush is in power and on track to win a majority government. "Prorogue" a term I've never heard a government use before, is the action that our Prime Minister is taking by shutting down Parliament until March 3rd. Governor General Michaelle Jean (why do we pay her?) granted his request, and many Conservative backers are giving their full support.

With a government currently on a self-medicated paid three month holiday, many Canadians are simmering in anger as we helplessly watch a horrifyingly popular Prime Minister steam roll over the opposition. Facebook sites like "Canadians United Against Stephen Harper" have started, in stark contrast to Harper's own facebook page where you can only post positive feedback. Unwanted criticism will leave you banned from posting, unsurprising since he refused to attend the Beijing Olympics and now has to be relegated to kissing the dragon's feet. Why would he listen to the "little people"?

As a voter, I've always been a swing vote, having no blind loyalty for any party and preferring to vote for a particular leader based on his/her merits, but this is too much. "Get Back to Work" rallies have spawned in more than 30 cities along with what could be the most effective Facebook page "Anti-Harper Vote Swap Canada" which promotes voters to "swap" their loyalties to the side most likely to beat the opposition. Only thing to do? Vote. The sad truth is that if the government decided to suspend the Canadian hockey team THEN there would be an outraged outcry from all corners.