Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The price of beauty

Right now newspapers are in a global uproar over the recent news that a website "beautiful people" kicked out over 5000 members for overindulging during the holiday festivities. I know some people are outraged but I think it's laughable.

Is it so terrible that there's a website for JUST beautiful people? I don't think so. It's sort of like J date, for the Jewish community only. In a way it gathers people who demand the equivalent of themselves, good looking by society's standards who are health conscious. It does seem a bit lopsided however... After all, women tend to value financial security more than appearance and many of the most successful men probably don't have the time to hit the gym. Is there a separate membership for the "okay looking" but super wealthy?

Whatever the case, exclusivity must be the key attraction. The ejection of members was just another brilliant PR move to spread the word and lure the most arrogant, narcissistic individuals into their club.

Curious? Want to join? Take a look ...

Below is an intriguing article that has a few disconcerting experiences when it first launched in Britain.

Even more elitist is the site "A Small World" for the jet setting group of successful, well connected and A-type individuals of the world. You can't even browse the site without a special invitation. Sort of takes the song from the creepy Disney ride to a whole new level.