Monday, January 25, 2010

Mr. Big strikes again

Aren't they rich enough? I'm talking about the most shallow, ridiculous, idiotic, fairy tale franchise... Sex and the City. After a pathetic ending to an HBO series that was suppose to "empower women", they decided to flush it down the toilet a second time by making a poor excuse for a movie that was nothing more than a fashion show. Now there's a SEQUEL? Before you know it we'll all be subjected to the Maxim magazine equivalent, an Entourage movie.

Why do men hate Sex and the City so much? Maybe it's the self obsessed, neurotic, superficial "heroine" Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) that entices you to stab your eyes out, or the fact that it convinces women to have the most insane expectations of men and especially themselves. Every time I overhear a thirteen year old girl gushing over the series I can feel my blood boil. Before it was prince charming, now it's Mr. Big.

I've always been a big fan of HBO, not only because they are adapting Game of Thrones to reality, but their proven track record of taking HUGE risks. Sex and the City and Entourage started off pretty well... entertaining, full of sex, funny and addressing some taboo subjects. And then it all went downhill from there. I guess you can't blame the female population, after all, most Hollywood films (Transformers, Fast and Furious) are catered to men with the brain of a horny fifteen year old. But do women truly admire a materialistic, self absorbed woman who dumps the nice guy (Aidan) for the millionaire jackass who left her at the altar? Seriously?

Entourage filled with arrogant, narcissistic, delusional characters will eventually sputter out of gas (thankfully), but for some reason Sex and the City keeps on going. What comes next? Sex and the City the next generation? Samantha sleeps with Mr. Big and Carrie's kid?

I'm probably angering a lot of female fans but frankly... I'm all for the Paper bag Princess ending, she sets off into the sunset to live her own life.