Saturday, January 23, 2010

Laugh Factory

I stand corrected, I didn't research properly. Dave Chappelle must find a half hour of comedy small fish. Here's his five hour marathon at the Los Angeles Laugh Factory.

I'm not certain why exactly Dane Cook and Chappelle want to compete for the record of uninterrupted laughter.... but sure... why the hell not? So long as they get bathroom breaks because no need for a repeat of an idiot dying because they kept it all in.

Here's a link (not much of it though). Laugh Factory, or another segment. Hoping they give him a movie offer some time.

Another link to his appearance on the Actor's Studio, shortly after his shocking departure from his highly anticipated third season on his show.

Other great interviews? Surprisingly I rarely find the "A" caliber movie stars to be very interesting, but here are a few.

5. Kevin Spacey (best impersonations)