Friday, January 22, 2010

Secret Societies

With the recent popularity of books like Angels and Demons revolving around the mythical secret societies such as the "Illuminati", it was only a matter of time that a VIP version for Facebook and Myspace to appear. For many, nothing is more savoury than receiving an invitation into a particular organization behind closed doors, and the online world is no different.

Are the days of golfing at country clubs for networking numbered? Step aside, the next generation is establishing the new order where online avatars and social networking sites for the super wealthy to mingle are a must. According to Forbes, a few blue blooded sites have emerged as the diamonds in the rough. aSmallWorld, Diamond Lounge,, and Quintessentially, all differ in levels of exclusivity. Gaining access to the fabulously wealthy by a simple click of the button has become an obsession for many persistent outsiders without the obvious "credentials" for an invitation.

Gawker has reported that a new hurdle has been introduced on aSmallWorld to streamline their ballooning member count after being unceremoniously booted out of the club and put out to pasture.

"aBigWorld is a subsidary of aSmallWorld. aSmallWorld is a network for people that already have strong direct and indirect connections to one another. To make it useful, members can invite anyone they like. Everyone is then invited to aBigWorld. As a member in aBigWorld you have access to the same features as aSmallWorld. aSmallWorld does not aim to have as many members as possible, but rather to visualize existing networks that are present in the real world.

In each of the cities listed at the bottom of this page, aSmallWorld has people (connectors) that invite members to aSmallWorld. But apart from that, aBigWorld members that have 10 connections in aSmallWorld, will be transferred."

A facebook for a few... New York Times

The surge in notoriety does come with drawbacks however, and I'm highly skeptical that the new trend will ever truly compete with legendary secret societies such as the Freemasons, Skull and Bones, The Bilderberg Group, or even the oldest London gentleman's club White's.

One successful French businessman who had turned down a number of invitations summed it up correctly, if you've already heard of the group, how exclusive can it be?

(White's Gentleman's Club at 37-38 St James)

Other clubs for the privileged...

A Private Club, for the New Yorkers in the know, the Asian's golden club, Europe's own

bankersavenue, another Wallstreet sequel

When you pause and think about all of this, aren't all these sites a WELCOME mat for the elite hackers and con artists of the world? Just a thought...