Thursday, December 31, 2009

Up in the air

Lately I've been on a movie watching marathon as different people want to catch movies to kill off time away from family. I recently saw Up in the Air, the newest George Clooney flick. No surprises, funny at times... and certainly not much of an escape from reality.

It reminded me of a previous article I read in a newspaper of websites for extra marital affairs for those who are frequently travelling for business and living on the road. I found the idea of such a scheme to be both ingenious and depressing. "Up in the Air"... in other cities there is less evidence and less expectation if the third party can't bump into you in the supermarket. One website "The Ashley Madison", which sounds like some corny character from a smutty novel, has the slogan "Life is short, have an affair". Such simple words for acts that can lead to collateral damage to more than just the pocket book.

As we all kick off the New year we're burdened with so many pressures that society demands of us. Many people rush to the gates to get that perfect job, house, spouse and child, that by the time we acquire it all we panic because we're getting old.

They say New Year's is a time of summing up, and I guess it is. A person once told me "It's not that I want less, it's just that I find happiness with what I have." He was probably right, after all... life is short.

Happy New Year.