Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's all retro

A cellphone usually lasts at most 3 years before a consumer wants to replace it. How long do blenders, and other appliances last? 10 years? Maybe 15 or 20? "They don't build them like they use to" isn't really just a throw away statement, it's a fact. Why make a car that will run smoothly for 15-20 years or a cellphone that will work for 10 years when a company can make money from repairs, replacement and warranty purchases?

With the new century of households too lazy to use a good o'l mop and broom we have the new age of "Swiffers" and other disposable items.

Consumers are "conned" daily, and unfortunately we have only ourselves to blame. With less time, less energy and things moving as quickly as they do most of us will pay any amount of money for a bit of convenience.

I'm all for sending in things if it has a decent warranty. I've cashed in on the mac applecare warranty a few times, and gotten new watches, sunglasses and umbrellas when they snapped, cracked and sputtered to a pathetic end.