Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Techno paper

Am I a traditionalist? Not really. I understand the argument that ebook readers will save valuable trees, will be less hassle, less cost, and more accessible... but is it really good for you?

My job requires me to stare at the computer monitor at least eight hours a day, usually pushing past the twelve hour point, so I ask myself... isn't that enough?

But they sure make these new gadgets tempting. With the ease of online downloads, portability, and lightweight design, it'll soon be the next "status symbol" next to blackberries, ipods and laptops. Sooner or later there will be optional "blinged out" casing or a "Prada" version ebook readers equipped with online web surfing, video player and camera installed.

The repetitive harsh LED screen flashing imagery into strained eyes will slowly erode any connection to the world around us while we read our favourite novel as we shuttle home. I imagine that a few years from now laser eye surgery will become a prerequisite for the thirty to forty crowd with a freebie hearing aid tossed in for all those kids blasting their ipods into their poor ears. One reason to support strong health care funding, we'll all need it.