Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wireless world

I really do love my bluetooth Apple mouse and keyboard, not only because computer manufacturers are getting rather "frugal" with the amount of 2.0 USB ports their products provide, but because I accumulate a large nest of wires otherwise. I don't know why they call the 12UX Cintiq travel "convenient" because it isn't. With clunky wires, some small box adapter, power cables, USB cables, and even an extra apple "video converter" cable it feels like a huge production every time I set it up.

The biggest drawback to this wireless world is the battery output and waste, and sometimes rechargeable batteries just don't cut it. Hmm... something will need to be done. The apple mouse and keyboards are little energy hogs and I've had to replace the batteries a number of times. A Green Apple? Hardly. Macs drain energy like there's no tomorrow.

On a positive note: The Apple industrial design team... kudos to them, they just keep on "upping the bar" on elegant and yet functional equipment.