Monday, March 1, 2010

Marple wave

The Canadian release of Miss Marple: They Do it with Mirrors is set to air in Canada March 7, 2010... sooooooon. Starring Julia McKenzie and Joan Collins.

Others to come!
Marple: The secret of Chimneys
Marple: The Mirror Crack'd from side to side (A remake of the one with Liz Taylor)
Marple: The Blue Geranium
Marple: The Pale Horse

Haven't seen any? Here are a few old ones to watch...
The Body in the Library(2004) link here
4.50 From Paddington (2004) link here
Sleeping Murder(2006) link here

The first two have already been completed... must say though, The Pale Horse must be the best one. JJ Feild and Amy Manson to play the roles of Paul and Ginger.

Poirot is soooooo slow to air, and even worse... not likely to air in North America until 4+ months later. Don't they know what the digital age means?! Murder on the Orient Express promises to be quite a big production with Eileen Atkins (Robin Hood, Gosford Park, Cranford), Joely Richardson, and many more but one has to patient.