Saturday, March 13, 2010

Unconventional madness

Niche markets host conventions all year around to cater to all walks of life, from obsessive fans to the curious bystander as they descend into a particular chosen city. A time and place where like minds can share their thoughts (or more) and form lasting friendships or business arrangements.

Here are a few...

Gamers around the world who live in a half life state in this unique online world gather together for this two day event in California. Costume competitions, interviews with the creators, tournaments, test drive stations, and upcoming news creates a beehive of interaction where fanatics can get their fix for the year.

SexPo The Aussie fest for the old taboo subject that overly uptight conservative groups still like to pretend is not happening. Think kids come from storks? Makes the nickname "the down under" take on a whole new meaning.

Zombie Walk Hilarious. Torontonians certainly have a sense of humour. Celebrating their 8th year in 2010, around 4000 "bodies" fill the streets with ghoulish fun.

MuppetFest Fan convention Jim Henson fans can practice their high pitched voices during the off season. Performances, interviews, parties and more.

UFO Festival X-files? Roswell? The site is an eyesore but this event has been going on for years...

Xena Con. Seriously I have no idea what has sparked this huge following. Is it the leather? The comedy? The weird spin on Greek mythology?