Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm starting to get nauseated from all the gossip mongering from friends and co-workers about celebs and parties that are rockin' all over town.

It's like a broken record.

The hype is in full force, from The Town, Buried, Conviction, Little White Lies, Waiting for Superman, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger and of course The King's Speech... Oscar buzz is hard to avoid as people hover around the Yorkville area hoping for a glimpse of the pampered elite and infamous.

Ever feel let down from critics raving over EVERY bloody film out there? That's all I'm hearing... "It was fantastic, what an unbelievable film blah blah blah." In a way, that's Toronto's problem. They love EVERYTHING! It's like the anti-Cannes who hates everything but shit that makes you want to kill yourself.

I'm trying to avoid a repeat of watching too many dee-pressing Oscar fare in a short period of time. The intense drama can make you want to climb over the railing, plunging into the abyss if you aren't careful. Gotta mix. Scary crap, kleenex fare, docs that get you pissed off, and stories that make you pee a little. Now that's a great festival.

I saw Easy A and The Town, both a bit overrated for my taste. Julia's Eyes and I Saw the Devil next... From a DC comic tribute to Calvin and Hobbes. You can read it on imgur.