Friday, September 10, 2010

film and stars

Toronto is a glow with the up and coming Film Festival and for once I actually won a contest to attend!

Pity I'm up to my bloody neck in work and probably won't be able to go to most of them. While every nerd "casually hangs out" at popular celebrity restaurants to star watch I'll be avoiding those spots like the plague.

If you've ever lived in T.O. like I have, most of those restaurants are a bore, and even worse, attract people who are annoying as hell. Actors for the most part are just regular people who fight and bitch about getting better lines to say, and worry about screen time.

There are of course those popular, hyped films like Black Swan, Biutiful, 127 Hours... but why wait in a long line up paying DOUBLE the price of the ticket when the film is going to come out in the next month? Idiotic. The festival has exploded, with climbing ticket costs and larger crowds. B-O-R-I-N-G!

If you're going to see something, see a flick that will likely get a limited release or none at all. After all... isn't that why you go to the film festival, to see a wider, more eclectic variety of cinema? Unfortunately Studio Ghibli's film THE BORROWERS will not be showcased in Toronto...

On a more interesting front, Jonathan Stroud is out with his newest novel, Heroes of the Valley.

Title? Mediocre. I heard it's a slower read but not half bad... next on my list!