Monday, July 2, 2012

The Special Generation

Am I Generation Y, or X, or a Millennial?  What is the divide?  Recently David McCollough Jr. gave an exceptional commencement speech at Wellesley High now entitled, "You're not special".  Sparking a startling backlash by disgruntled bloggers and readers, a number of  angry articles such as Open Letter from a Millennial: Quit Telling Us We're Not Special have gained traction.

Honesty has never been easy to swallow and in the present climate, the aftertaste is particularly unpleasant. A great deal of articles have sprung up about those born after 1983... also nicknamed "Generation F**ked). Are they? Hardly.  We aren't going through a war, it isn't The Great Depression.. and heck, if you're living in United States, Sweden, England, France, Germany, Canada, Japan.. etc.. you've won the lottery in terms of human rights.

As a student who graduated when my industry crashed and burned, I often wish our teachers prepared us for the painful reality rather than coddle our egos.  I was one of the lucky ones of my class.  My parents have never been easy on me, and they made sure I tasted both the bitter and sweet.  If I was the best, they would purposely pull me out of a class and toss me into a group with better, stronger students.  If I lagged behind, they would find someone to assist me, quitting was NEVER an option.  Failure has always been the best path to success.

If you are younger than 25.. 35.. heck even 40, you may never satisfy your unending craving for consumerism... and who is to blame? Parents? Baby Boomers? Wall Street? The Government? Our teachers? Probably everyone had a hand in it, just like the next generation, will have a hand in the royal f**k-ups of the future.

It's an endless vicious cycle and frankly... whining won't solve anything.