Monday, June 4, 2012


I haven't watched television for a few months now.  Unplugged, without a pulse on the news, the media, gossip ads, magazines, or even common everyday conversation with others.  I can't complain, work is far better than unemployment, but there's a breaking point.  When you feel entrapped in your own projects, when small problems become over inflated, exaggerated calamities.  

All around me I can feel "the hustle", those people who are salivating for the new project even before they've finished the last one. And that attitude is contagious.  Your heart rate starts to beat a bit quicker, and part of your brain begins to filter insecurities that slowly weigh down your fleeting sanity. 

A new solution?  I walk.  I walk for at least an hour a day, not the best remedy, and certainly not "forest bathing" like the Japanese tout as the best cure for stress... but it helps.  Sort of.  Perhaps it's best to stop thinking... to always know that things will work out and not worry about tomorrow... until then.