Saturday, June 30, 2012

The 80 hour week

Remember medical care, holidays, retirement, and all the other benefits that were expected from employment?  That has not been part of my life since graduation more than a decade ago.  Over the years I've seen a lot of my colleagues slowly become bitter and jaded as the stretches of unemployment between contracts stretch into uncertainty.

Will next generation have to sharpen their claws? Contract work has become the norm, and even the once "cushy-government" positions are downsizing.  With RIM's 5000 employee pink-slip handout, and shrinking job opportunities, more of us have to "double" or "triple" our abilities, return to school, or work overtime.. all to beat out the next guy.

Does management even care?  Do they realize they are squeezing the middle class dry?

Last year, a gem.. Margin Call, loosely based on the modelled on the Lehman Brothers actions before the financial crisis of 2008 showcased the divide between the boardroom and the common bee-hive worker.  Similar to the Boiler Room and Glengary Glenross, Margin Call keeps the audience engaged and perhaps enraged, as we watch their greed warp their actions.

If you loved Wallstreet and are salivating for Scorcese's upcoming Wolf on Wallstreet,
try this brutal but honest documentary.. Wall Street Warriors Season 1