Thursday, June 16, 2011


Well Vancouver lost Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, boo-hoo. I was pretty impressed they made it to the end in the first place, most Canadians wish the Leafs, Habs or Oilers could get so far.

It's a weird town, I've seen photos from so many onlookers, posting images of cars burning and horrifyingly... a few people getting beaten to a pulp. Toronto Star posted a live viral of a good samaritan protecting a shop front. First I thought, who was this ass**** filming it rather than helping the guy when the lynch mob struck him, and second, what the hell?

Over a game? Destroying a city when Japan survived a horrific earthquake with quiet dignity, and Syria riots for their freedom? Some blame it on only a select few, but from the scores of photos and now... videos posted, it's apparent that a few thousand of Vancouver Canuck fans are nothing more than playground bullies. Goading on others with their chanting and watching others get hurt in the process.

A poor woman reported that as she was trying to get to her car an angry fan jumped on her roof smashing it down. She was quickly engulfed into the crowd when she tried to pull him off.

Surprised? If you've lived in Vancouver, you wouldn't be. Vancouver has a large downtown area that closely resembles "Children of Men" ... is a city with a large prostitution ring (especially considering the small size of the city), and has such an overinflated housing market (jacked up prices by the non-resident wealthy foreign money), that locals can't afford a decent home. The Olympics may have created a beautiful veil of serene calm, but in reality the city is no better (or worse) than any other North American town.

Think small, become small.