Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gone but not forgotten

A friend has been blathering on about the cancelled LIFE series starring the talented Damian Lewis, and indeed, it was worth the time. The first few years can make or break great quality material, and in many cases, at no fault toward the creators, it doesn't survive.

Here are a few gems in the rough.

Despite Fox's bad rep, they have a pretty impressive record for quality shows (Firefly, Wonderfalls, Undeclared), unfortunately couch potato America didn't think so.

What more can I say? It's worth every dime.

I didn't even hear much about this until it was already off the air. Pity.

Why do people even care about Lara Flynn Boyle? This is why... David Lynch's masterpiece.

Before the Social Network, Aaron Sorkin's biting dialogue walked the perfect line between humour and drama.

I don't know if it was the writers strike that gave the final blow to this artistic endeavor, however it will be sorely missed.

For all those angst ridden young teens that detest the Twilight crowd, this show will provide a much needed change of scenery.