Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fresh and Free


Well oddly enough if you like to draw, Adobe with be releasing free beta version of Adobe Photoshop CS6! Click here to learn more.

Many cities host free, or cheap tickets for Shakespeare in the Park.
NYC: Central Park (arrive early! Best time to get tickets at 8-10 a.m.) hosted by The Public Theatre, Toronto's High Park Theatre is pay what you can, San Francisco has a number of venues featuring Henry V this year.

NYC: Met, Frick... on Sundays usually between 10am-1pm is pay what you can.
Toronto: AGO Wednesdays after 6pm or Doors Open featuring a number of venues for two days.
Washington D.C.: Smithsonian... free.. everything is free!

Audiobooks are free with a library card, for a limited amount of time... many are hosting new e-catalogues