Sunday, January 22, 2012


With America's present obsession with fairy tales (Grimm, Once Upon a Time, medical dramas (Bones, Greys etc...), Musicals (Smash) and Mad Men knock offs (Bomb girls, Pan Am), Hollywood has been scratching their heads at the sudden obsession with Brit exports such as Downton Abbey and Sherlock.

Coming into their own, Sherlock's sophomore season returned with a strong start. For those of you who are beginning to rash from all the waiting, the two stars will soon become household names after 2012 and be hard to miss. Benedict Cumberbatch (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, War Horse & the untitled Star Trek sequel) and Martin Freeman (Hobbit 1 & 2), can they go any bigger than that?

Similar to James McAvoy's launch from the excellent six part series State of Play, BBC has launched many careers into the Hollywood mainstream. Unlike most Hollywood folks, many thespians aren't afraid to occasionally play smaller, or roles on the small screen.

Helen Mirren (who has voiced interest to play the next Doctor Who)
Jonathan Rhys-Meyer (returned for the Tudors)
Sean Bean (Game of Thrones)
Cillian Murphy (The Silent City)
Kate Winslet & Guy Pierce (Mildred Pierce)
Alan Rickman (The boy in the Bubble/Seminar)

Just to name a few...

Not only does it showcase a level creative risk and humility, it proves that some actors.. no matter how high they rise... are willing to steer clear of Hollywood bullshit and keep their feet on the ground.

Cross your fingers that Sherlock will return for season 3...