Saturday, September 17, 2011

Falling into old habits

24 hours just isn't enough. I often fall into the whole "work, life, balance" water cooler conversation. Why? Because it's bullshit. 12 hours a day, 60 hours a week and I still go home feeling guilty that I'm not a "team player", working the weekend like all the other keener newbies in the office.

Fortunately the fall season has begun and I'm about to deluge my brain with television, weird indie dramas, and rush seats to random plays or exhibits. Continuing my boycott on all gyms, which only serve to make me feel like I'm either a) wasting money for not going b)shitty for my old sweats and dirty sneakers and c) irritated when some ***hole is taking too long on the machines in front of me. Eat less and cut out sugar. Gave me the same result after years of running like a hamster on the treadmill.

Great finds...

11 Flowers (above): One of the best films to debut at TIFF, made by the celebrated filmmaker Wang Xiaoshuai (Beijing Bicycle). A personal, quality film that reminded me of Stand by Me (although very different). An 11 year old boy becomes entangled in a local crime during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

We Need to Talk about Kevin: Tilda Swinton's oscar calibre role in Lionel Shriver's raw, haunting tale of a mother's love for her murderous son.

Drive: Ryan Gosling continues his winning streak with this moody action flick.

Most anticipated flick of the year? Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.. only annoy aspect of the film is the name.

TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) has turned into a bit of an over-bloated greedy pig ($22 for a BLOODY TICKET??? WTF is that?) with the line ups, hiked prices for flicks that come out in theatres in a few weeks, and annoying fans. The best part? The foreign selection that most never get access to and energetic vibrant hum of the audience.