Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring cleaning

According to collector friends, Church sales are the ultimate goldmine for finding valuable wonders. If you have the patience, and moreover the knowledge, the possibilities are endless. With the elderly individuals downsizing to condos, estate sales, or just plain carelessness; collectors have managed to get their hands on items for fraction of the value.

Every spring I try to donate anything that I haven't used for a few years. From electronics to clothing, it's always amazing to discover how easily things pile up. I've joined the ranks of the online shopper. Checking at the store, noting sizes, and then going home to see if there are cheaper options for my purchase. It's all about mulling things over... do you REALLY need it? Penny pinching goes a long way.

For Canucks, even though our loonie is above par to the buck, we're still paying an extra 20% markup from the days that our dollar was at 66 cents to the US dollar. On books, clothing, computers, software... the list goes on and on. If you buy from the US, I always check WHO is shipping. Fedex is great, but UPS will slap all Canucks with the biggest awful bill at the end, keeping your package in limbo until you pay the extra duty. Thinking green requires holding off on buying a new cellphone, ipad, laptop and generally reducing any compulsion to keep up with the neighbour. Reduce, reuse and mostly.. rethink.

I guess the Antique Roadshow will be next on my to do list.