Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brain freeze

Many wealthy (or on credit...) Canucks fly down south of the border to skip the harsh winters every year... laughing at us poor schmucks who are stuck up north. But sometimes they miss some of the best events that Canada has to offer.

1. It's painfully cold this year, but it's also been a very long time since I've seen people skate along the pond, the canal... or even a man-made backyard skating rink. Ottawa's Winterlude features the world longest ice rink, ice sculptures, and concerts.

2. Sugaring. The Eastern provinces of Canada offer something that the west can't... Maplefest.
Maple syrup on pancakes, bacon, sausages... heck, they even pour it on snow! Kids hopped up on sugar, as they enjoy horse-drawn hay rides, live music, tree tapping...

3. Skiing.. whether it's Quebec, Alberta, or British Columbia. This winter will have phenomenal slopes.

4. The underground. Want to know where the locals are... they're twenty feet under. Montreal and Toronto have vast underground connection offerings, giving businessmen/women the option of never taking one step outside. Grocery stores, movie theatres, shops, restaurants, shoe shining, drycleaners, book stores, and transit. What snow?

5. Quebec Ice Hotel (Hotel de Glace) Rebuilt every year, their doors open in January until the beginning of April. Remember James Bond: Die Another Day... could be cozy.